The warning signs to tell you if it’s time to upgrade your office printer

Unfortunately, the average printer has a lifespan of 3 to 5 years, which means that eventually, you’ll start to see the warning signs of an outdated, inefficient and hard to manage printer.

However, office technology expert Roger Amir from Mitronics tells us, ‘you shouldn’t wait for a printer to break down before you consider an upgrade.’

‘A lot of productive time can be lost if you have staff waiting around for print jobs to complete.’

5 printer warning signs to watch out for

1. Your print quality isn’t what it could be

According to Roger “It’s important to portray a professional business. And for many industries, client presentations are a major part of business. Print-outs from decades old bubble jet will not make the best impression to your clients or prospects. Modern printers now produce high-quality prints in seconds”.

2. Your office has outgrown the printer

Any fast-growing office can easily outgrow the capabilities of the printers they have. He says, “productivity is lost every day when an office full of staff wait around for their turn to use a printer.”

Specifications like page yields, print speeds, and paper capacity impacts your company’s efficiency. A printer upgrade will ensure you can keep up with the pace of your business.

3. Cost per page print is increasing

As printers age, cartridge prices go up, leading to an unreasonable increase in your cost per page to print.

Roger shares, “After two or three years of use, you will find that it is smarter to buy a newer model to take advantage of the cheaper cartridge prices than stick to your old printer with higher costs.”

4. Your office printer is slowing down

An outdated printer may not have the features you need to be efficient and productive.

Roger explained, “there are new printer features like mobile print and cloud-based storage solutions that allow your staff to print anytime and anywhere using their mobile or via the office WIFI.”

Cloud printing also removes the problem of having a physical print server at the office and an IT specialist to manage it.

5. Your office printers lack important security features

According to Roger, “the modern and updated printers of today are equipped with adequate security features meaning your office will not be at risk of sensitive documents forgotten in the printer tray”.

By upgrading, you can improve security by taking advantage of modern office printer features like PIN authentication, print encryption, and password protected scanning.

This ensures that only authorised staff have access to the printed material.

About Roger Amir and team Mitronics

Roger Amir - Mitronics Corporation Sydney

Over 25 years in business, Mitronics Corporation are Australia’s largest independent printing solutions experts. Nominated as 2019 finalists for Excellence in Business in the NSW Business Chamber Sydney Metro Regional Business Awards, they’ve truly established one of the most reputable names in the corporate business community.

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