Business You Need When Buying a Home

Buying a home requires assembling a team of different local businesses to get you through the process. Here is a rundown of the professionals and business services you need when buying a home.

1. Plan Your Finances with a Good Sydney Financial Planner or Mortgage Broker

After making a decision to buy a home in Sydney, it is best to check your finances first. See if you are really financially ready to make the investment – or if you can afford the type of property you want and need.

Talk to a financial planner or Sydney Mortgage Broker to help you understand your options and requirements.

2. Consult and Hire an Experienced Sydney Local Conveyancer

Conveyancers are important for your home buying venture. This jump starts your journey to owning a property in Sydney. Make sure you ask a conveyancer to help you out with the legal requirements that may come with buying a home. However, do understand that each conveyancer is unique and brings a particular set of available services. Some conveyancers can act as solicitors as well – but not all. Check with them to find out the range of services you can get.

Joanne Azar from Platinum Conveyancing Services offers some homeowner’s advice when buying a property: “Get the contract reviewed prior to signing from a quality conveyancing service. This assures buyers of their rights and explains the terms and conditions of the contract.”

She also added: “Understanding the difference between pre approval loan approvals and formal approvals and why it is necessary to have your loan finalised prior to the Cooling Off period expiring.”

3. Engage Local Experienced Real Estate Agents and Learn the Sales Process

This is where real estate agents come in. Before you can purchase any property, you have to understand how the whole buying and selling process works. The process may vary from one territory to the other in Sydney, so it is imperative that you get in touch with an agent well versed in your target area. Ask the agent about the different sale processes, including how to sell, find, and acquire the right property.

4. Plan the Perfect Move with a Sydney Home Removals Expert

For many new home-owners transitioning into a new home, the physical move itself usually proves to be the most stressful aspect of the process. Therefore, it is important to consult with a good Sydney home removals expert on planning a stress free move. This will ensure that you can settle comfortably in your new home without leaving anything behind or damaged throughout the transition.

According to home moving expert, Julie Marczak from Better Home Removals based in Sydney, to find the right home removals specialists, make sure you ask the following questions:

At what time do you start the charges?

Are there any additional charges not listed in the quote?

Do you have adequate and sufficient insurance?

What is the size (cubic metres) of the pan on your truck?

What will happen if you damage my goods in the process.”

You should also ask for references to check how they have worked with previous clients, and that they have the right insurances in place for your protection.

Ready to Get Started?

If you are looking for the right professionals to help you in a property purchase, sale, or move, Tradebusters Connect has a database of reliable and experienced professionals by local area ready to assist you today.

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