Paul Says You Can Save, Save, Save!

Now that the Solar Bonus Scheme has ended, its no surprise, more and more Aussies are looking at smart ways to save and avoid a potential spike in the energy bill.

And thanks to Sydney electrical expert, and our very own Top 3 business pick, Paul Edelman from Edelman Electrics based in Sydneys Northern Beaches, you can do both.

Check out Paul’s 3 simple steps to maximising your solar energy and saving.

1. Install a nett meter

This will allow you to tap into solar power generated and also sell the extra to your energy provider. This applies during peak sunlight hours and it also uses Grip power.

So how do you get a Nett Meter?

According to Paul, if you had a solar system under the Solar Bonus Scheme, you should be able to get this for free from your energy provider particularly during the end of the Solar Bonus Scheme.

Otherwise, a qualified local electrician should be able to also assist.

End result. You will save!

For other tips, Paul recommends:

2. Run your appliances when the sunlight is peak

Paul recommends using your washing machine and dishwasher when the sunlight is at peak. A lot of appliances these days have a delay timer so you can still run and schedule usage even when you’re away.

And don’t forget to put the pool cleaning on a timer as well!

3. Maintain your solar system

According to Paul, regular maintenance including cleaning your panels means your system will be operating at its best to generate energy at the lowest possible cost. Speak to your electrician about scheduling these regularly.

About Paul Edelman from Edelman Electrics

Paul Edelman from Edelman Electrics Pty Ltd is based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and has over 25 years experience in the electrical industry. Paul is also a member of NECA & Master Electricians Australia and has CEC Accreditation for solar installation, repairs & maintenance.

Check out Paul’s Top 3 Business Pick profile right here: Paul Edelman from Edelman Electrics.

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