How much does house painting cost?

Experienced painters make it look like anybody can pick up a paintbrush and spruce up their house with a new coat. However, there’s a lot of knowledge and years of practice behind a house painter’s brush. If you want your Sydney property’s new paint job to look great and last for years, your only option will be to hire a painter in Sydney.

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Calculating the cost of painting a home in Sydney

Your quote for painting your Sydney home will be dependent on many factors. The square footage of the property, the amount of pre work needed, the quality of the paint, and the number of coats can all influence the final price.

The number of paint coats

The number of coats of paint you require is an apparent influence on the cost. Most properties will only need two coats. However, if you are repainting dark walls with a lighter shade, a third layer may be required.

Painting new walls of gyprock will also need an extra layer of paint: an undercoat, and two topcoats.

A not so evident influence on the cost of painting can be the type of cornices present in the home. Painting plain cornices are straightforward, but if there are decorative patterns or fancy corners, these will add to the time to paint.

If your home has higher ceilings, then the painter may need to use ladders and long-handled rollers. Both solutions significantly add to the amount of time required to complete the job, and therefore, the cost.

Fiddly bits can add up

Doors take more time than you might anticipate because of all the sides, which must be cut in (painted with a brush) before the roller can be used on the front and back surfaces.

If your paint job requires multiple colours, such as a feature wall, then more time to complete the job will be required.

The amount of prep work matters

The present condition of the surfaces impacts painting costs. Older houses with lots of wear and tear will need more time for patching holes from thumbtacks and picture hooks. There may also be water damage which needs repairing. Repaired areas will need to be sanded smooth and left to dry before they can be painted.

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Finding an honest painter in Sydney

As you can see, there are a lot of variables influencing how much it will cost to paint a house in Sydney? Dishonest painters will take advantage of your lack of experience about how long a paint job should take and add a little extra to the invoice. There is also the risk that they may use low-quality paints, or not spend enough time prepping the area first.

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