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Kellyville Sydney in the spotlight

If you were to visit Kellyville more than a decade ago, you would have found a sleepy, rural, Sydney suburb about 37 km northwest of the CBD. A real estate boom has since hit Kellyville, and a tsunami of housing projects have swept over the area to create a thriving suburb that is barely recognizable from its country hick origins.

Despite the urban progress, Kellyville still clings to its rural atmosphere, and the housing mix is decent enough that families and young professionals should be able to find a suitable abode in which to settle down.

Why the surge in popularity with Kellyville?

There are now hundreds of new living residences in Kellyville, and they’re all being snapped up by buyers with a desire to escape the CBD, but still live in an area that doesn’t take them too far off the beaten track. Here’s why you might consider Kellyville as a place to call home.

Elbow room – A million dollars in the city doesn’t get you a lot of square footage. In Kellyville, not only do you get more elbow room indoors, but you can also score a decent sized backyard.

The grass is greener – In the city, you have to make your way through the traffic to enjoy some greenery. In Kellyville, you only have to step outside and walk down the road to enjoy a beautiful day out with your kids.

Developing Infrastructure – The northwest railway is steadily making its way out to Kellyville and should be ready to go sometime in 2019. The Rouse Hill Town Centre is now more accessible, and upgrades to the Kellyville Plaza have made the area more appealing to families.

Moving to Kellyville, Hills District Sydney

While you may be ready now to go and secure a piece of Kellyville, it’s crucial you prepare for your move by developing a team of trusted local professionals who can help you get there with the minimum of hassle.

Speak to a Kellyville real estate agent

Take some time finding a real estate agent who knows Kellyville and the Hills District. An agent who lives and works in and around Kellyville can be worth their weight in 100-dollar bills.  These are the agents who can guide you to the best locations, find you the best deals, and help you avoid the worst areas.

If you’re investing, a good Kellyville or Hills district real estate agent will be able to show you where the worst houses on the best streets are, which is valuable knowledge when your goal is to add value.

Get financial help with a Kellyville mortgage broker or financial planner

Kellyville mortgage brokers are great professionals to have on your team when you need to know where you stand with your finances. And, because they are immersed in the mortgage industry, they are also able to speed up your application process, and maybe get a few points knocked off the standard interest rate.

An experienced Kellyville financial planner can also put a plan in place to help you achieve your short and long-term financial goals.

Connect with recommended Kellyville tradies

When you’re busy with the move, the last thing you want to be thinking about is who to trust with your electrical or plumbing work, or even who to call for a fresh coat of paint in the living room. Research your options before you make a move, and then you will have a list of reputable businesses you can call on at a moment’s notice and who you know you can trust.

Get help with recommended Kellyville and Hills District businesses right here

If you’re wondering where on earth you can find a skilled team of real estate professionals, mortgage brokers and trade services all in one place, then we’ve got you covered.

Visit Tradebusters Connect, a trusted source of finding vetted and trusted local businesses. We even power the FREE Hills District Top 3 Local Business Pick Directory, featuring some of the best business owners in the area.

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