A new home comes with work

When you buy a new home in the Sydney North Shore, it is highly likely it may need renovation work.

Here are some renovation tips on transforming your new home into an exciting living space.

1.  House painting recommendations and tips in Sydney’s North Shore

One way to freshen up your new home is to paint it. It may be something to consider doing before you move all your belongings in. Ask your local painter, designer or even your builder on the best colour schemes considering the home’s style and how your furniture will blend in.

A good paint job also enhances your property’s appeal and value.

Wall Paint and Finishing

2.  Landscaping your new North Shore home

If the external space of your new property needs improvements, it’s important to decide how urgent it is. A basic clean up can be done before you move in. If you enjoy entertaining outdoors and it’s one of the reasons your purchased the property, assess what external living design features could suit. Maybe it’s a new deck, pergola or simply improving the garden and plant appeal.

3.  Handyworks and urgent repairs

Don’t forget about the small stuff when you move into your new home. Check the electrical wiring and see if everything in the house that needs power is connected to electricity. Consult an North Shore electrician to see if you need to add more wiring or fix any existing. Check fixtures and appliances to ensure nothing is faulty.

See if the walls of the house have cracks or any areas of concern.

You may even consider hiring a pest control expert to prep your home before moving.

4.  Bathroom and kitchen renovation

It is quite common to buy a new home and want to update the bathroom or kitchen. Again, it’s one of the jobs you need to decide if it should happen before you move in or whilst you are living there. These renovations could be more complex leaving you without facilities for 2-4 weeks and involve multiple trades like plumbers, electricians, tilers and builders for structural elements.

kitchen renovation

Need help finding recommended businesses in Sydney’s North Shore?

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