Local Electrician Expert Paul Edelman from Edelman Electrics shares

The law is clear that only licensed electricians are allowed to do electrical work in a home.

Changing light bulbs is almost as far as it goes for DIY. What many people don’t realise is there are many legal and insurance reasons as to why you should not carry out your own electrical jobs.

And who better to help us understand the do’s and don’ts, than one of our very own top local business pick members,  Paul Edelman from Edelman Electrics. Paul has been servicing Sydney and Northern beaches residents for over 20 years.

Paul Edelman Electrical Do’s and Don’ts

Don’t risk it

Apart from the safety reasons for not DIYing electrical work, Paul shares some more facts:

  • It is not legal and you can be prosecuted, the fines are huge
  • You are risking your life and anyone entering or working on your home
  • It is highly unlikely that any licensed electrician will sign off on your work
  • Your home insurance will be nullified if there is any evidence of illegal electrical work.

Do engage a licensed professional electrician

According to Paul, depending on your experience and/or knowledge of your home, saving electrical costs during a renovation project is still possible, BUT you just need to be aware of what you can and can’t do.

NSW requires you get a compliance certificate from your Sydney electrician for any major electrical work carried out.  This also guarantees the work completed complies with the appropriate Australian Standard and that you are covered for the any defective work.

You should always do a license check to verify the license number of the electrician.  This can be done on the NSW Fair Trading website.

Do know the structure of your home

Before commencing any type of renovation work around your home make sure you check for wiring- it may be hidden in walls, ceilings, roof spaces and underground.

If you are unsure, turn off the main switch, but better still, get your local electrician to check first!

Be especially careful if you, any tradie or electrician is doing any of the following works:

  • Removing, cutting, drilling, screwing or nailing in walls, ceilings & floors
  • Demolition work
  • Ceiling spaces as wiring is often left draped across rafters and can cause tripping hazards and electrocution.
  • Under floor is also a dangerous place with wiring often attached to flooring, rafters
  • Installing insulation products in your roof
  • Carrying tall items outside like ladders – look up for powerlines.
  • If using a power lead outdoors, be careful of water and trip hazards
  • Digging in the garden or doing landscaping. Remember to call Before You Dig. This is a referral service for information on locating underground utilities like cable and pipeline information anywhere in Australia. Take a look at  their website, www.1100.com.au

Find a Trusted Sydney Local Electrician Today!

With any electrical work, safety always comes first which it also why it pays to know a great local electrician. You can contact Paul Edelman from Edelman Electrics right here!

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