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As the popular Game of Thrones TV series saying goes….winter is coming. And it can set you financially back with higher energy bills.

Fear not, we sat down with top business pick member, Paul Edelman from Edelman Electrics, based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches to find out what you can do at home to save on your energy bill this winter.

According to Paul, your energy bill increases during Winter and can come from:

  1. Heating your home
  2. Your lighting bill, since it tends to get darker earlier.

What can you do to save on both?

Save on your electrical bill – heat saving tips

Paul recommends the following:

  1. Shut the doors and close curtains – Heating a whole house is costly.  To assist in keeping the heat in, you should always close the doors for each rooms you are not using and only heat the rooms you are using. Close your blinds/curtains at night to keep the heat in and the cold outside.
  2. Set your Thermostat at 20°c – Winter heating can account for over 30% of your energy costs.
  3. Turn the heaters off when you don’t need them – Heat only the rooms you are using, and turn it off when you leave your home or go to bed.
  4. Insulate your roof – Check you have insulation in your ceiling!

Save on your electrical bill – light saving tips

Approximately 15% of your energy costs can be from lighting, so this can have an impact on your energy bill.  

For saving on lighting, Paul suggests:

  1. Replace old incandescent and halogen light globes with LED energy efficient globes – As lighting usage increases in the winter months, the cost of your lighting will increase. The upfront cost of replacement of old light fittings or globes will reap rewards in the future.
  2. Switch lights off when you leave the room – Train your family members to turn off lights when they exit a room so you can save $$
  3. Install motion detectors in low use areas – Using motion detectors to automatically turn lights on and off as needed in low use areas, particularly outside where it is often forgotten.

Need a reliable local electrician in Sydney?

Why not have a chat to Paul Edelman today. All his details are listed on our site and you can find out more about saving $$$ with your electrical bill!

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