Selecting the right tradie for your home

As a homeowner, you will always need access to good tradies, whether you’re building, renovating, buying or generally maintaining your property. The number of professional tradies in Sydney’s Northern Beaches is huge making it quite confusing at times to select a good tradie.

Fortunately, there are ways to spot a good egg and a bad egg. Here are some tips to make the tradie selection process easier.

What makes a good Northern Beaches tradie?

Before you go searching, here are some general characteristics of any good tradesmen:

  • skills, licenses and qualifications
  • a good number of years in business
  • punctuality and commitment
  • attitude and professionalism

Look for these in your candidates and you can narrow down the pile.

Northern beaches trades and local business

Beginning the search for a good local tradie

Do where should you start? Also go for reputable sources in finding a tradie, including word of mouth referrals from your Northern Beaches neighbours or local community.

Whether you are looking for electricians, plumbersNorthern Beaches builders or other trade professions in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, testimonials from other people will usually be one of the safest ways to give you some level of peace of mind.

Online directories like Tradebusters are also a good credible source. Sydney tradesmen part of these networks have already been vetted and have a proven track record for quality work and good reputation.

Ask your tradies the right questions

Once you develop a list of tradesmen to choose from, you should know the right questions to ask. Some of these include:

  • What are your qualifications? Do you have a license, certification or diploma (if applicable)?
  • Do you have public liability insurance? All trades come with a certain level of risk. Public liability insurance ensures you are covered should there any accidents happen during the project.
  • Can you provide references? Other people can tell you how reliable the tradesman is.

Ask to see the tradies work in the Northern Beaches

More than word of mouth, the best testimonial to a tradie’s quality of work is their finished projects. Ask the tradesperson to show you their portfolio of recent projects in the Northern Beaches region including providing a list of customers and their addresses.

It is even better if you can go and check out physically the finished properties especially for external works like a building, renovation or landscaping job where you can do a quick drive by. And if you can speak to their clients, even better.

Need help finding recommended local businesses in Sydney Northern Beaches?

If you want to find reliable local tradesmen and other local businesses, you can also try one from our Tradebusters Connect free Northern Beaches trade and business directory. Here you will find recommended Top 3 Local Choice businesses .

All their details are listed on this website and you can contact them directly.

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