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For the last five years, data shows that home electrical accidents kill 15 people a year in Australia. Another 300 are hospitalised annually because of electrical accidents that could have otherwise been prevented.

In report from ABC previously, around 40% of homes were found lacking of electrical safety switches. As for those with safety switches, they are mostly only on the power circuits. This means that other components like light and hot water are left unprotected. While Australia has imposed laws to help secure homes from electrical accidents, legislation has a long way to go.

So what can you do to ensure you home is not at risk? That’s where knowing a good local electrician helps. We caught up with our very own, Top 3 Local Business Pick member, Paul Edelman from Edelman Electrics.

Paul is based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and with over 25 years experience, he is a considered expert in all things electrical.

Paul’s Electrical Home Safety Tips

According to Paul, electrical safety switches are paramount to every home. They are a family’s best protection against electrical accidents.

Paul’s top tips include:

  1. Making sure the electrical switches are properly installed – You should get a Sydney electrician to do the job so no precautionary detail will be left out.
  1. Ensuring that the electrical switches work – Installing them is not enough. You have to test them regularly to guarantee that they are working and protecting your home.
  1. Checking electrical wiring – Do this for new purchases or if your home is already several years old.

It goes without saying that you must always hire a qualified and fully licenced electrician to complete any electrical related works.

If you want to protect your home from electrical faults or what to get a home electrical safety check, why not contact Paul Edelman from Edelman Electrics Pty Ltd today.

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