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What you should know before you call a local plumber

Are you in need of a plumber in Northern Beaches? Did you know that plumbers operating in NSW need to be licensed for the type of plumbing work you are asking them to do?

Before you jump online and search for a local Northern Beaches plumber, you should know that there are a lot of things you can do yourself which can save you a lot of money.

Pipes which run into walls or concrete slabs can be checked for leaks. You can also go over your copper pipes and check for corrosion. A cracked tile near sinks, showers, and pipes may just be a broken tile, but it could also be a sign of water rot underneath.

Pinpointing problem areas before your plumber gets there will save them time and your money because they won’t have as many hours to put on the invoice.

How to find a good Northern Beaches Plumber

Finding a quality local plumbing service when you know what to look for is a lot easier than calling up a random listing on the search pages and hoping for the best.  Here are a few questions you should get out of the way before you let a plumber rummage around underneath your kitchen cabinet.

Check the Northern Beaches plumber has a licence

As we said above, all NSW and Sydney plumbers need a license to work as a plumber. If they are doing gas work, then it also needs to be mentioned on their license that they are qualified for this type of job.

You can check licenses by firing up the Fair Trading website and entering the license number in the search box. All plumbers must have their license number displayed on all their signage, which includes their vans.

Check the years of experience

An experienced plumber is the only way to ensure your new plumbing work isn’t going to spring a leak as soon as the invoice is paid. Be sure to check how long your plumber has been on the job before deciding on whether to hire them or not.

Emergency Plumber, Blocked Drains Plumber

Read online reviews about your Northern Beaches plumber

Online reviews are an excellent way to gauge the quality of a plumbing service. Go back a few months and be sure to read both positive and negative reviews to paint yourself a complete picture.

Ask for local area references

If you are getting major work done in the Northern Beaches, it’s recommended that you ask for a few references before signing any paperwork. Good plumbers will be happy to refer you to past clients.

When checking the references, ask about the quality of work, but also get some information on how well they performed. Did they show up on time, did they go out of their way to be the least disruptive as possible, and were they pleasant in all their dealings is all useful information.

As you can see, when you know what to ask, finding a good plumber isn’t that difficult. However, you can still cut down on a lot of the run around by heading to the site where you know you will always receive top quality.

Looking for a trusted plumber in Sydney’s Northern Beaches?

Tradebusters have already done the legwork in verifying the quality of the plumbers they list on their site. You can rest easy knowing that the next time you need a plumber, you won’t be letting any old dodgy Joe into your home.

Why not check out our Northern Beaches Top 3 Local Pick directory of licensed and vetted plumbers and other professionals for you to connect with.

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