Those possums love your solar panels

Did you know that possums and birds love your solar panels because it protects them and provides the ultimate “residence”?

However, having them take up residence on your roof does create problems.

According to Sydney based electrician and solar panel expert, Paul Edelman from Edelman Electrics, these include:

  • fire hazards – enough nest and twigs on the panels can ignite a fire
  • disconnection – birds can “pull the plug” on your solar panel. There is the risk of the whole system stopping
  • damage to solar panels – these critters can chew or scratch solar panel components

And not to mention the financial costs associated with these.

How can you protect your solar panels?

According to Paul, an effectively “possum proof” system is needed. The right one should:

  • block access to birds and possums
  • provide rigid wire protection to allow water (but not large leaves & debris) to flow freely under the solar panels
  • be suitable for tile or colorbond roofs
  • not allow roof penetrations in case there are leaks after installation.

Engage the right expertise to help

Don’t assume that every Sydney electrician has experience with solar power systems. This is a specialty space meaning you should always ask your electrician to see if they specialise in offering clients this type of service. A good way to check is to ensure they have a CEC Accreditation for solar installation, repairs & maintenance and review their website service list.

About Paul Edelman from Edelman Electrics

Paul Edelman from Edelman Electrics Pty Ltd is based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and has over 25 years experience in the electrical industry. Paul is also a member of NECA & Master Electricians Australia and has CEC Accreditation for solar installation, repairs & maintenance.

Check out Paul’s Top  3 Business Pick profile right here or his direct website: Edelman Electrics.

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