Got a solar system  at your place?

Have you noticed a problem with your solar system? Perhaps it’s not working to its full potential?

Aside from checking your electricity bill, there are several other factors to consider to assess if you have a real problem.

And who better to help us understand these, than a 25 year experienced solar energy and Sydney electrical expert, Paul Edelman of Edelman Electrics, based on the Northern Beaches.

Edelman Electrics Top 3 solar system detection problems

  1. Check your solar AC and DC main switches

Paul tells that “two of the common reasons why your solar system might not be working are the solar AC and DC main switches are off”.  

Very simple solution. Check!

  1.  Maybe it’s the faulty inverter?

Check the warranty on your inverter. According to Paul: “They are generally 5 years, so you may be covered and don’t have to pay if is faulty. In this case contact your Solar Installer and/or Inverter Manufacturer.”

  1. How about the unwelcome guests?

Sometimes the equipment is fine but unwanted guests like birds or possums just mess with their functionality.

When this happens, you really need to call an experienced solar electrician. Paul warns: “Do not attempt to evict these unwelcome guests, your panels are generating DC electricity and as a result can kill you or anyone working on your roof who does not have the expertise and license to carry out this type of work.”

And always remember, all electrical or solar system problems must only be handled by an experienced and licensed electrician.

About Paul Edelman from Edelman Electrics, Northern Beaches

Paul Edelman from Edelman Electrics Pty Ltd is based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and has over 25 years experience in the electrical industry. Paul is also a member of NECA & Master Electricians Australia and has CEC Accreditation for solar installation, repairs & maintenance.

Check out Paul’s Top 3 Business Pick profile right here: Paul Edelman from Edelman Electrics.

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