Insights from Local Hills District Builder Neil Turrell, Turrell Building Services

Are you embarking on a renovation or home building project in Sydney’s Hills district? There could be complexities with your project simply because it’s the Hills!  

Amongst many other considerations, it could be things like

  • council requirements, rules and process
  • a property which has a large number of trees; or
  • building on acreage property.

So what better way to manage some of these complexities than to speak to a great local builder that not only runs a successful building and renovation company in the Sydney Hills district, but also lives in the local area.

Meet local Sydney Hills District Builder, Neil Turrell

We got together with Top 3 local business pick member, Neil Turrell from Turrell Building Services to find out more:

Neil, what are some of the watch-outs in Sydney’s Hills?

There are three important watch-outs when building or renovating like:

  1. There are many bush fire rated properties in the Hills Shire, so before you start your building plans, always check with council to see if yours is one of them.
  1. If you live on acreage property in the area, and are planning a renovation or extension, always consider the possible need to upgrade the sewer.
  1. Does your property have lots of trees? If so, make sure tree removal is approved and checked as there are a lot of rules for removing certain types of trees in the Hills District. Start with contacting The Hills Shire Council.

Finding a trusted local builder is important. What questions should we always ask?

  • Have you done this type of work before?
  • Have you got a copy of all required insurances. Can I have a copy?
  • Who is doing the actual work? Are they your employees or sub-contractors? As the “builder” how much time will you spend on site?
  • Do you have experience with dealing with The Hills Shire Council and bush fire related properties?
  • How many homes have you built or renovated in the local area in the past 1-2 years. Can I see some?

Neil also shared some qualities that people should look for in a good builder. These include:

  • Quality of work
  • Communication skills
  • Honest and up front PC item allowances for the job

Planning to build or renovate in Sydney or the Hills District

Why not contact Neil Turrell from Turrell Building Services for an informal chat about your project.

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