Understanding how Sydney plumbers charge

As you may expect, the cost of hiring a Sydney plumber can vary dramatically from job to job, as it will depend a lot on how long the job will take, the type of work they will be doing, and the amount and type of materials they will need. There are also unexpected contingencies which can crop up and add a few dollars to the cost of the invoice.

Of course, with so many variables, most people when faced with a plumbing issue, will wonder how much it’s all going to cost. Here’s a rough guide on Sydney plumbers and how much they can charge.

Types of Sydney plumbers

Confusing the issue of how much plumbers charge is the fact that there’s more than one type of plumber. There are service/maintenance type plumbers and contract type plumbers. They are both plumbers, and both will happily muck about with your pipes, but there is a very different pricing structure between the two.

Service and maintenance Sydney plumbers

Service plumbers are the lifesavers who will come out to your home any time of the day or night to sort out your plumbing emergency – which can range from a running tap to a burst water pipe. Service plumbers can be seen driving around town in vans that have prominent signage. If you search for them on Google, you may see their business come up as a listing in a trade directory.

Contract or commercial Sydney plumbers

Contract plumbers are rarely seen working at an established building as they get most of their work from builders. If you do see them at a residential building, it will usually be because a renovation is underway. You would probably have a hard time getting a contract plumber to pick up the phone during an emergency, especially if it’s the middle of the night or the weekend.

Sydney plumbers rates

Now that we know about the different types of plumbers we can start discussing the two main methods they will use to charge for a job: flat rate or hourly rate plus materials.

Hourly rates usually attract a call-out fee, which will often be in the range of $80-$160 – although it can be more. Once they start working on your problem the standard hourly rate will kick in, which is usually divvied up into 15 or 30-minute increments. You will have a good idea about what it’s all going to cost by keeping an eye on the time. Of course, you will want them to get the job over and done with quickly to keep the repair bill as low as possible.

Plumbers handle smaller jobs with an hourly rate, but you may want a quote for a larger job, and this is where the flat-rate comes in. Your plumber will review what needs to be done, estimate the materials and how long it will take, and then provide you with a quote for the amount.

A lot of plumbers will provide a free quote, but occasionally you will come across a dispatch fee. The dispatch fee is a small charge that will cover the plumber’s time if you don’t go ahead with the job but will be waived if you do decide to use their services.

Next step…finding a recommended Sydney plumber?

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