On the inside with Hills District carpenter, Simon Ballard

When you need a tradie, you don’t just want “any” tradie – you want an awesome one!

At Tradebusters Connect, we love putting the spotlight on awesome business operators. We recently spent some time with husband and wife carpentry team Simon and Alison Ballard from S Ballard Carpentry based in Sydney’s Hills District, talking about the little things they do each day to wow their customers.

5 Little Things That Make An Awesome Difference With Customers

1. Arrive on time

Simon often receives positive feedback from customers for arriving on time to quote a carpentry and deck job. In fact it’s the reason he wins a number of jobs.

Sounds easy right? But you would be surprised about how many tradies don’t show – at all or on time.

2. Provide a prompt quote

Simon always sets a time frame for when the customers can expect to hear from him regarding his quote. Usually this is a couple of days at the most.

3. Clean, clean, clean

Simon is always respectful of the customer’s property. If he needs to enter the house, he will always remove his shoes to ensure he is not dragging any sawdust or the like into their home.

He will also ensure that he cleans up any rubbish created by the job and arranges for the rubbish to be removed from the site once the job is complete.

4. Never keep customers waiting

According to Simon, an awesome tradie will always respond back to customer –  whether it be a request to arrange a quote, about a quote provided or ongoing customer service once the job has started.

Even in the quote phase, if you find a tradie is never returning your calls, or that you are constantly chasing him/her, it’s a good indication of what you could expect on the job.

5. The power of a thank you!

Simon and his team like their customers to know that their job, no matter how big or small, is important to them and every business is appreciated. He shows them this by giving them a handwritten thank you card at the end of each job.

In addition, if they refer a friend based on their experience, he also likes to reward them for helping to grow the business with a small gift as a token of their appreciation.

Remember: little things count in being an awesome tradie.

Want an awesome tradie?

To know more about Simon and his deck and carpentry services, check out his Top 3 Pick profile page here: Simon Ballard from S Ballard Carpentry.


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