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Peter Nguyen, 2n2 Constructions Pty Ltd


"Peter and Chan are just the kind of professionals the residential construction industry need" is what one industry professional told us. Their builds are that good, they've been going strong for over 20 years. Specialising in modern, solid and custom designed builds and large extensions and renovations across Sydney that give you high function and excellent capital value, 2n2 Constructions is a privately run and operated family business. Our team got to know Peter and we were immediately impressed by his approach to custom home builds. He is not your typical "project home" builder that gives you little choice or control over your project. We discovered the whole mission of 2n2 Constructions is to empower home builders so they can build their dream home without compromise. Boutique and hands-on, we love that 2n2 Constructions offer a highly unique customer-centric process that ensures you get the custom build features you want AND within budget. Contact Peter now and discover how you don't have to compromise with a "standard project house" and how getting your dream custom built home is possible.

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"I highly recommend Chan and Peter for any residential project. I have certified many of their jobs for many years and their dedication, attention to quality and details are apparent. They were always easy to contact and always available for clarifications. Prompt and professional, they are fantastic builders". Moe Orfali - Direct at BCA/NCC Compliance Pty Ltd, Sydney NSW


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