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Melbourne builders for your home renovation & extension

Are you planning a major renovation in Melbourne? Are you looking for an experienced and reputable builder that specialises in renovations and extensions over $50,000 and up to $1,000,000?

Then you have come to the right place!

At Tradebusters Connect we have done the research to handpick the best home renovation Melbourne builders to be in our Top 3 Local Business Choice network.

Our motto is simple…. “We don’t do dodgy”!

We are one of the only networks around that you can trust to:

greentickInterview each Melbourne builder. We only profile builders that have been in business for at least 5 years

greentickDo complete reference checks and interview their customers to ensure they come highly recommended


Check they actually specialise in small and large renovation and extension projects. We avoid “general” builders that do not have a strong track record with large-scale projects

greentickCheck they have the correct licences and insurances in place for your protection


Do background checks to ensure they have a consistent track record for delivering high-quality work on time and within budget

Dealing with a builder can be daunting, risky and costly if you make the wrong choice. With our strict vetting process you can be confident to meet a great recommended builder for your project.

Why risk dodgy? And why risk going anywhere else?

All your Melbourne renovation and extension building services

A Top 3 Local Business Choice Melbourne builder can assist you with all your residential renovation and extension projects including:

Tradebusters Connect iconBathroom, laundry and kitchen renovations

Tradebusters Connect iconGround floor and second floor extensions and renovations

Tradebusters Connect iconLarge decks, pergolas, and patios

Tradebusters Connect iconSecond level additions

Tradebusters Connect iconExtending your outdoor and indoor living space

Tradebusters Connect iconMajor structural building and carpentry projects- internal and external, and more. Simply ask!

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Helpful home renovation articles

Home extension Melbourne

Guide to Finding a Local Builder

For every owner builder story where things turned out great, there seems to be ten where the whole experience turned into a complete mess on all fronts, financially, legally, and construction wise.

Horror stories abound, with some quite minor such as installing the wrong coloured tiles in the bathroom and having to fight to get them changed, or the more severe with houses crumbling at the foundation, leaky roofs, dodgy brickwork, hazardous electrical installations, and leaking septic tanks.

Causing financial nightmares for owner-builders also seems to be stock in trade for many disreputable local builders, with subcontractors (plumbers, electricians, etc.) putting liens on unfinished properties because they have yet to be paid by the builder you contracted. Unfortunately, more than a few owner-builders have found themselves in court and forced to pay for the work twice.

Home renovation Melbourne

How to Find a Good Residential Home Builde

Many homeowners just go straight to the real estate section of their local newspapers and look for home builders there. While these ads may be generally reliable, there are other more dependable sources of information about home builders. Your local homebuilders association, for one, can provide you with a good list of builders operating in your area. To know your local homebuilders association or HBA, visit this site.

If you know real estate agents personally, they should be able to give you names of builders they’ve had dealings with in the past. The best source of information, of course, would be close friends and family who have had recently done construction work on their homes. They will not mince any words about home builders who don’t do great work, and neither will they hold back praises for home builders who have proven to be great at what they do.

Melbourne Builder

Tips on Finding a So-NOT Dodgy Builder

We all know someone that has experienced the dodgy builder- you know, the one that runs off with the deposit, does a poor quality job or was simply terrible at having around.

So how can you avoid them and find a builder that is so-NOT dodgy?

Check out these tips.

1. Seek local recommendations for builders

Locals know it best!

Your neighborhood hardware store is a good source for finding a builder. They deal with them regularly so know who is who in the area.

Family and friends are also a great trusted sourc