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Here are the best financial planners in Hawkesbury NSW

If you need a experienced financial planner in Hawkesbury NSW, then you are in the right place. We know you wouldn’t accept any “Dodgy Joe” into your home or workplace, and so unlike other directories, our philosophy is never to accept him (or her!) into ours.

We have a rigorous process of vetting all applicants for your peace of mind. As a result, we hope to save you time, $$$ and risk by giving you the confidence to connect with a genuinely recommended financial planner in the Hawkesbury.


When your objective is to retire comfortably or simply be "better off", he'll guarantee a plan that WORKS.

Meet Top 3 Local Choice, Martin Cossettini from Blue Diamond Financial Pty Ltd.

"He provides clear workable options" is how one client described working with Martin.

Backed with over 25 years of banking and finance experience, with 15 of these years working internationally in London, we love that Martin makes his international expertise accessible to everyone from young Aussie families to 45 year old+ individuals looking to "get there" - where it be a strategy to build wealth or simply be comfortable in retirement.

Martin offers a FREE financial advisory consultation to determine only one thing- if he can put you in a better financial position than your present one. Otherwise, he won't take you on as a a client. We think it's certainly worth a call. Why not contact Martin today?

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