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He was highly recommended to us by trusted wealth managers & financial advisers across Sydney. Meet Top 3 Local Choice, Simon Wilkins.

“I have witnessed him help clients build million-dollar-plus property portfolios” is what one industry professional told our team.

We met Simon and loves that he "walks the talk". In the last 5 years he has built up his own property portfolio and it's those very strategies that Simon offers others looking to do the same.

Think of them as a matchmaking service. Simon and his team take clients through a unique system which matches your short and long term property goals with strategy, independent property research and negotiation meaning you can purchase with complete confidence. 

Looking for a great investment property? With access to affordable properties in high-growth areas, Simon can also tell you exactly why he chooses to personally buy and "get investors" in certain locations.

So whether you are new to property, looking to buy a new home or wanting to grow your investment property portfolio, Inspired Property Group  is a great local choice to start a no-obligation conversation with.

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