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Here are the best conveyancers in Blacktown NSW

Are you planning to buy, sell or transfer a property in NSW and need a recommended conveyancer in the Blacktown area to help? Then you are in the right place.

Tradebusters® Connect understands that “Dodgy Joe” simply won’t cut it so unlike other online directories we simply don’t list “just anyone”.

Our vetting process for a conveyancer to join the Blacktown Top 3 Local Business Choice directory is one of the most rigorous that you will find in Australia. We only profile conveyancers who can demonstrate a proven track record in the community for delivering a high quality service at fair prices. This helps you save time, $$$ and risk.

Blacktown conveyancing services: buying, selling or transferring a property in NSW, FREE contracts review, settlements, residential, strata, commercial and more. Simply ask!


"She is the best in the local area and I only recommend Joanne,” is what a customer told our team! Introducing Joanne Azar from Platinum Conveyancing Services as your Top 3 Local Choice.

In the industry for more than 12 years, and having bought, sold and built herself, Joanne simply KNOWS property!

Backed with over 4,000 transactions and a 2018 President’s Award Finalist with AICNSW (Australian Institute of Conveyancers, NSW), which recognises business owners who have exemplified best practice and professionalism in conveyancing, it's no surprise Joanne got a Top 3 spot. 

You can rely on Joannes' specialist property expertise to do the most important thing you need- safeguard and protect your interests.

Joanne offers a Sydney wide service - including Parramatta, The Hills District, Ryde, Inner West Sydney, Blacktown, Penrith, Sydney CBD and up to the Blue Mountains. 

Why not book your FREE consultation or Contract Review with Joanne today.

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Latest tips: What makes a good Blacktown conveyancer?

Here are helpful tips in selecting the best Blacktown conveyancer to assist when buying, selling or transferring a property:

  1. Licensed – Although this does not paint a full picture, having a license issued by NSW Fair Trading is a must. You can check this online.
  2. Experience – A property transaction can be complex which is why experience matters. Ask about the number of years they have been in business and find out how many conveyancing transactions they have performed – specifically in NSW.
  3. A passion to help –  With the many deadlines involved in buying or selling a property, responsiveness and commitment is critical. Check for online reviews that demonstrate your Blacktown conveyancer has these qualities.

Local conveyancer tips

Blacktown Home Buying, Selling and Moving Guide

Home buying and selling a property successfully in Blacktown requires understanding the ins and outs of the market. The following guide offers you a rundown on how to sell and move to another property without unnecessary hassle or stress.

When thinking of investing or moving to a new property, the age-old question comes to light: should you buy or sell first? Certainly, if you will be transferring to a new property, you will have to leave your old property. Here are some pros and cons when selling and buying first:

Sydney Home Loan

Blacktown Sydney – A Home Buying Checklist

The conveyancing process jump starts your way of owning a property, especially as it’s very time-line driven. You need to have a solicitor or a conveyancer in Blacktown Sydney to help manage the legalities. Working with a good local conveyancer that knows Blacktown council and the area will help put you at ease. Ask them about their process and the kind of issues may you be expected to deal with along the way. Doing this in advance will help you decide if you have found the right person to help you, saving you the time and effort of worrying about it when you finally do find the right property to buy.

Parramatta Conveyancing

How To Sell Your Property Quickly And Successfully

As a Sydney home-owner it is only natural to be concerned that your property may either be left on the market for months, or may not sell at all.

Can you do anything about this? Yes, and that’s the great news. As a vendor, you can always make sure that your property has the best chance of a successful sale.

Here are some tips from local Sydney conveyancers on how you can do this.

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