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He was highly recommended to us by trusted wealth managers & financial advisers across Sydney. Meet Top 3 Local Choice, Simon Wilkins. “I have witnessed him help clients build million-dollar-plus property portfolios” is what one industry professional told our team. We met Simon and loves that he "walks the talk". In the last 5 years he has built up his own property portfolio and it's those very strategies that Simon offers others looking to do the same. Think of them as a matchmaking service. Simon and his team take clients through a unique system which matches your short and long term property goals with strategy, independent property research and negotiation meaning you can purchase with complete confidence.  Looking for a great investment property? With access to affordable properties in high-growth areas, Simon can also tell you exactly why he chooses to personally buy and "get investors" in certain locations. So whether you are new to property, looking to buy a new home or wanting to grow your investment property portfolio, Inspired Property Group  is a great local choice to start a no-obligation conversation with.

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"In an industry where property buyers don't have the best reputation, Simon is the only one we choose to work with.... We feel extremely confident in referring him to our clients. He is highly knowledgeable on property investment strategies and trustworthy in his recommendations to clients. Yes, absolutely, he should get a Top 3 Local Choice.” Alissa Childs, Mortgage Broker, Two Birds One Loan Pty Limited.


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