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If you need an experienced mortgage broker in Penrith NSW, then you are in the right place. We know you wouldn’t accept any “Dodgy Joe” into your home or workplace, and so unlike other directories, our philosophy is never to accept him (or her!) into ours.

Our reference checking and interview process for a mortgage broker to join our Tradebusters Connect Top 3 Local Choice directory is one of the most stringent you will find in Australia. We aim to help you save time, $$$ and risk, and most importantly, allow you to identify the best mortgage brokers around Penrith to help you.

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Her primary goal is to GET YOU READY for SUCCESS, meet Top 3 Local Choice, Lee-Anne Cusack from Greater West Finance. "She doesn't tell you what you WANT to hear - only what you NEED to know" is what one client told us about Lee-Anne.  In the finance industry for 25 years, of which 13 was working in lending for one of the biggest banks in Australia makes Lee-Anne perhaps one of the most knowledgeable loan experts near you. With growing concern around complex banking regulations that are making application approval harder, we love that Lee-Anne is all about setting up clients for success through a structured preparation process.   The team can support you with a range of finance and loan solutions: residential, business and investment. Why not contact Lee-Anne for a no-obligation discussion about your goals today? Or visit their beautiful Richmond office?

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“The commission is not her priority… I've happily referred Lee-Anne for nearly 10 years now and what stands out to me is her passion for helping people get where they need to be. That is her No.1 priority. She is honest and if someone is not ready, she will help them prepare, plan and save. Always willing to go the extra mile, so Yes, she deserves to be a Top 3 Local Choice.” Linda Morgan, Local Bookkeeper, North Richmond




She’ll act in your best interest, even if it means missing out on the commissions. Meet Top 3 Local Choice, Wanda Rowan from Personalised Mortgages. "You'll get the honest truth about your situation" is how one raving client described working with Wanda.  In the finance industry for over 10 years, and servicing many local conveyancers, accountants and property professionals as an instrumental referral partner, it’s no surprise that Wanda stood out as a reputable operator. With changing lending conditions and more Australians under financial stress than ever before, we love that Wanda is all about helping individuals and families access the right financial solutions. Big on ethics, always ready to give you the “no-bull” honest answers, Wanda is a great local choice. Covering residential loans, refinancing and debt consolidation, and offering a FREE and easy mobile service straight to your door, why not contact Wanda for a no-obligation review of your situation today?

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“I recommend Wanda to my circles and they are always delighted...As an active property investor, I need the services of an experienced mortgage broker and that's Wanda. She has supported us, family and friends for over 3 years now. I've watched her make dreams come true - from friends that have stopped renting because Wanda helped them with a solution to own their own property. She has an ability to build trusted, solid and long-lasting relationships with her clients. Absolutely, Wanda should be in your Top 3!” - Annmarie K, Sydney


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