What areas does your service cover?

Tradebusters Connect currently only services Sydney and Melbourne. This will be expanding to other states during this year.

However, if you need help with any type of tradesmen around Australia for repairs, renovations or any major home improvements, the Tradebusters Free Tradesmen Concierge Service can assist you. You will need to visit www.tradebusters.com.au and tell us about your job there or contact the free tradesmen concierge service team on 1800 TBUSTERS (828 783).

What makes Tradebusters Connect different from other directory sites?

Many other sites are driven to maximise revenues by allowing automatic online listings to as many businesses at possible- meaning they lack stringent vetting processes that could identify unethical or inexperienced businesses or simply dodgy operators.  Entry by any business into Tradebusters Connect is by exclusive invite only, and only after they have been vetted by our Accreditation team.

And since we only profile three businesses by category and area, it  means we are 100% committed to only securing the best most reputable businesses to be part of this network, saving you the time and hassle of searching on your own.

Do you have a screening process for the businesses listed on your website?

Yes, we pride ourselves on having one of the most stringent entries into any network in Australia, and to this degree, we have invested in an accreditation team. Our vetting process is extensive and ensures that:

  • All businesses undergo a careful pre-screening process in order to be invited to be part of our exclusive network. We interview these businesses by checking  years of  experience, licences, insurances and references. In some cases we will see their work and interview up to 2-3 previous customers to ensure the business is an overall good fit for potential users of our service.
  • The businesses listed on our website are required to agree to abide by the Tradebusters Connect Code of Ethics which essentially requires them to service customers with the highest level of care.
  • Our on-going customer evaluation process ensures that all of our listed businesses are regularly monitored for overall customer satisfaction.

Should I do my own checks on a business that I am looking to engage?

Yes, absolutely.

We do take certain steps to examine the credentials of the businesses listed on this website (as described above) but essentially only you can determine if a particular business is suitable for  your specific needs. It is important to note that skill-sets and speciality services vary from one business to another. Also the status of a business may change over the course of time and certain business, insurance and licensing requirements may also vary depending on the size of your job, type of job and it’s value.

We always recommend that you do your own checks at the time of any business engagement including adequacy and coverage of licences, insurances, permits and any other reference, background and qualifications checks you deem necessary to be satisfied that a particular business is the right choice for you.

What if I have an issue with the business I choose and use from your website?

While we strive only to list the most reputable businesses, unfortunately there may be instances where a problem does arise or expectations differ.  If you do experience any issues, Tradebusters Connect will act in good faith to assist you to see if you can resolve any dispute with a listed business.

All we ask is that you let us know the nature of the problem. Our customer care team will help you identify if there is any solution to your concern.

If you are not satisfied with the solution offered by the listed business, we will take on board your feedback and review that listed business and whether they can continue to be listed on our website.

This is our commitment to you, as we genuinely pride ourselves on being able to provide highly trusted and credible connections.

Is there any fee for using this service?

No. Our service is free to use. Many of these businesses pay a listing fee to be profiled on this website. In addition, some listed businesses make promotional offers from time to time on this website, meaning you may receive some extra nice benefits simply by mentioning the promo code: “Tradebusters” when you contact them.