Finding the right local businesses in the Upper North Shore

Finding a good business to work with can be tricky. According to NSW Fair Trading, around 65% of home building complaints come from bad tradesmen workmanship.

Further, there was an increase in the number of complaints against professional groups like a real estate agent. Bit of a worry if you ask me!

What does this mean for you? You really need to do your homework in researching and finding the right business. That simple!

And we want to help!  So here is our quick run-down on some tips and questions to ask in order to find the best tradies and other local service providers in the Sydney North Shore Upper.

Finding a builder in Sydney’s Upper North Shore

It’s essential that you only work with a local builder with the right certification and experience. Ask them the following questions to ensure you find the right candidate:

    • How long have you been in the business?
    • What type of projects have you worked on?
    • Can you provide references and portfolio?
    • Are you a “hands-on” builder?
    • Can I see a copy of your licenses and insurances?
    • What local council regulations affect my project?
    • Can you provide me a list of addresses and client names in the North Shore Upper, that I speak to, or visit their homes to see your work?

This should give you the basics on whether or not the builder is fit for your project. The same questions apply for similar tradies like plumbers and electricians in the North Shore Upper.

Finding a finance specialist in Sydney’s Upper North Shore

You may need a financial broker or financial planner to help with a loan or your wealth creation strategies. Here is a guide on some questions to ask:

    • Who will be managing my investments, application or the loan process?
    • How many years have you been in business?
    • What percentage of your existing clients have been with you for longer than 5 years? Can I speak to them?
    • Do you only promote certain banks/products?
    • How do you benefit? Do you charge for your time, is it commission based, what is the fee structure?

A financial professional’s background and experience are really important to understand. You can apply the following questions to professionals like mortgage brokers, insurance brokers, financial planners and financial brokers among others.

Finding local business professionals

If you need an accountant, bookkeeper or other similar business professionals, it is important to assess if they can help you achieve your business, short and long term objectives. Some questions you can ask include:

    • Can you provide an overview of your skills and experience?
    • How do you engage or work with your clients on a regular basis? Will I see you?
    • Do you have any references to provide?
    • What type of businesses do you normally work with?
    • What is the full range of services do you provide?

It is always best to set your expectations with the business professionals you choose to work with, including your objectives for working with them and how often you expect to communicate.

Need help with other local businesses in Sydney Upper North Shore?

If you want to find reliable local tradesmen and other local businesses, you can also try one from our Tradebusters Connect Upper North Shore free trade and business directory. Here you will find our Top 3 Local Business Picks. All their details are listed on this website and you can contact them directly.

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