On the inside: With Danielle Robertson from DRC Care Solutions

We all become wiser with age but as the years pile up, we slowly lose the capacity to do things in the same way. One day, you’ll notice you can’t walk that fast anymore, you can’t stay up that late anymore and you can’t even digest food or eat anything you want anymore. It happens to everyone…. including your loved ones.

As much as we want to be there always for them, the reality is, we can’t.

Sometimes, the best way to ensure that your aging loved ones stay safe and taken cared of is to consider aged care services.

We got together with Danielle Robertson from DRC Care Solutions who specialises in helping families and individuals navigate services in the aged care sector.

We discussed the aged care service options including in-home care support and aged home care facilities.

How can we help aging family members remain in their homes?

According to Danielle, if our aged ones are capable of staying in their existing homes, care and domestic assistance is absolutely available to support them.

“This can assist with the prevention of physical injury and provide time to pursue activities of interest, maximising their time and energy with the things they love, rather than cleaning the home, climbing ladders or doing the heavier domestic tasks,” she explains.

Plus there are also pet care and garden support. They won’t have to worry about neglected pets or a messy garden.

According to Danielle: “Care can be provided from as little as 3 hours per visit up to 24 hours a day care using quality care providers.”

Danielle also adds that there are home modifications provided to help people stay safe. Some home modifications include: “bathroom rails, modified chairs and beds and other equipment to assist with independence and preventing falls.”

How important is physical and mental support?

Just as there is home care support, there are also other parts of a person’s well being that need to be taken care of when they grow old. This includes their physical and mental state.

Social support is important to prevent anxiety and depression including feelings of isolation. That is one of the benefits of a residential aged care facility. They help facilitate social activities, allowing them to meet new friends and companions.

What if the person is resisting aged care services?

Danielle understands the resistance that comes with aged care. She says that, “Receiving services is often perceived as taboo, a sign that they’re losing their independence. It’s often a sign of the denial of their aging journey. They may be more welcoming to the option of care services if it is presented in a way which supports them to maintain their independence for longer.”

Make sure you explain to your loved one the benefits of getting aged care and how it can make their every day lives easier and safer. If you finally decide to get aged care services then it’s only natural to find the best provider.

So what makes a good aged care provider?

To find the right aged care provider, Danielle recommends asking the following questions:

  1. Are you an Approved Provider?
  2. Can you provide me with a consistent Home Care Team?
  3. Can your in-home care team be trained to meet the specific care needs of my loved one?
  4. What happens to our scheduled appointment when a carer is not available?
  5. Will I be provided with a contact person to address my care needs?

Other tips include:

  • checking the website of the provider and reading their testimonials
  • finding out how long they have been operating
  • finding out if they have commercial premises or do they work from home on a mobile phone
  • checking the geographical areas they cover
  • checking if they offer registered nursing care and end of life care.

About Danielle Robertson from DRC Care Solutions

Having worked in the care sector for more than three decades, Danielle offers comprehensive knowledge and experience on how the sector works and how to obtain the best quality of care for a reasonable price.

This experience comes from leading DIAL-AN-ANGEL, Australia’s only national agency specialised in providing aged, home and childcare, for 12 years.

In 2016 Danielle became Chairman of Family Business Australia (FBA) NSW/ACT Chapter and a national board member of the Association. 

In 2015, Danielle took the entrepreneurial step of setting up her own business to fill a gap in the care sector and meet the numerous calls for assistance in navigating the services offered in the aged, disability and home care. DRC – Care Solutions was born.

The business finds the best quality care options for private clients. It also offers Care Concierge Packages to corporates that wish to support employees with care responsibilities.

According to Danielle: “We work with you and your loved ones to tailor the care appropriate to their needs, wants, wishes and financial constraints. We ensure you get Government funded assistance that they are entitled to.”

For more information, visit: www.drccaresolutions.com