The best suburbs in Sydney

Sydney’s population is growing at a rapid pace, with the population expanding at an average of 4% every year for the last decade (Source).

People move for many reasons, and whether that reason is to live closer to the fun things in life such as beaches and restaurants, or a desire to spend less time commuting, Sydney can provide.

When talking about the best places to live in and around Sydney, Bondi usually features at the top of the list, but there’s more to Sydney than Bondi.

Based on an article in Domain, here are a few other prime locations you can consider when thinking about a move to Australia’s favourite city. The suburbs below are all highly rated and feature heaps of opportunities for employment, education, and plenty of things to do on the weekend.

1. Newtown

Newtown is an inner west suburb that is always highly rated top spot to live in Sydney list. It’s got excellent access to railroads, lots of choice in restaurants and eating out, and educational opportunities. Newtown is also a major employment hub and so can provide a prime location for easy to access to employment.

2. Paddington

For our next suburb, we move to Paddington, an attractive suburb located on the inner-east of Sydney. Paddington is a pretty area featuring lots of terraced accommodation, but many residents say they would like to see more trees.

Paddington will satisfy your taste for culture with wide-ranging choices in cuisine at its many cafes and restaurants. Paddington also scores quite highly with residents on educational opportunities, beach access, and transport options. Public transport is excellent, but traffic via main roads is regularly congested which takes a few points off desirability if travel by car is essential to you.

3. Darlington

It may be small, but Darlington doesn’t let its diminutive nature lose it any points in the liveability department. This small area is packed with culture, tons of places to eat, schools, and shops. Residents aren’t left wanting for any of the things that make life convenient and satisfying. However, you may sometimes want to leave the car at home and head to the very accessible rail link instead.

4. Bronte

Many of the residents of Bronte are there for the beaches and the superb ocean views. The views are worth the price of accommodation alone, but residents also enjoy access to excellent schools, cafes, and restaurants. Areas where residents say Bronte could do a little better include shops and traffic congestion.

5. Annandale

Annandale is another suburb on the inner-west which is a highly sought after location. Dining choices abound whenever you feel the desire to satisfy your palate with an excellent meal.

The area is also home to plenty of employment opportunities and has great telecommunications coverage. School access isn’t entirely on par with neighbouring suburbs, but there are enough choices to suit most families.

Transport options are good but not great as bus access is limited. However, lack of access to buses is offset slightly by the light-rail stops which are close-by.

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