Got a blocked drains problem at your place?

Blocked drains are the type of plumbing situation which can be a minor inconvenience or a major hassle. A slowly draining basin or sink is a sign that all is not right with the drainage system around your home and you should do something about it at your earliest convenience.

It’s not necessary to get on the phone to call your local Sydney plumber for most blocked drain problems. However, if you wake in the middle of the night and find yourself in dire need of sandbags to fortify your bedroom against the encroaching flood, then by all means, consider calling your local Sydney plumber and declaring an emergency.

We spoke to some of our Tradebusters Connect Top 3 Local Business Sydney plumbers who know how small drainage problems can quickly grow into big ones. These are some of their valuable tips.

5 ways to unblock your drains

1. Prevent grease build-up

To prevent grease from blocking your drains,  one of the best strategies is to keep grease and oil from making it down the drain in the first place, or at least keep it to a minimum. Wipe up excess fat and oil with an absorbent towel and chuck it in the bin, rather than down your sink where it will cool and clump and trap other debris.

Once a fortnight, run hot water down the drain for about 3 minutes to melt any grease deposits which may have built up. The next time you enjoy a satisfyingly greasy meal of sausages, eggs, and bacon, turn the hot tap on for a while after you’ve finished the dishes. And then go for a run or a brisk walk – you probably need it after that meal.

2. Dealing with hair

Hair gets everywhere, and a decent amount of it could be going down the bathroom drain. Get everyone in the house on board with collecting their hair before it enters the drainage system, rather than using their big toe to jam it down there where it can cause problems.

3. Get an annual plumbing inspection

Annual inspections are part of the plumbing services of most Sydney plumbers. They can save you a fortune when they discover a problem in your pipes. A friendly visit from a local plumber and his CCTV camera every year are a lot more affordable than digging up the backyard to fix a busted pipe.

4. Keep a handy plunger in the house

There’s nothing more satisfying than hearing the gurgle of free-flowing water as it finally escapes the basin after a bit of vigorous pumping from your $5.00 plunger, not to mention the dollars you’ve saved in plumbing bills.

5. Watch out for the “signs”

Your drains will let you know if there is a problem building up out of sight. Slow draining sinks and basins are a visible sign of an impending blockage, as are gurgling noises. Noticing a foul odour when you’re the only person in the room is also a good sign that you need to do a little maintenance on your pipes – the ones under the kitchen sink that is.

While the above tips are great for preventing a blocked drain, if you notice water coming up through your floor waste, or there is discharge from your outside drains it’s time to call in the professionals.

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