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How to get your building or renovation project approved by Inner West Council Sydney

A professional crew, a sensible budget, and a locked down timeframe are all giant leaps towards a renovation that is sure to be relatively frustration-free. Getting the Inner West Sydney council on board as quick as possible can also provide some welcome relief.

Housing in the Inner West of Sydney is highly regulated, and this can often equate to a long series of hoops you will have to jump through while you await council approval.  The reason for the red tape is that the council is responsible for local state and building regulations and needs to ensure that all developments remain in compliance.

Not all renovations will need council approval, but it’s wise to err on the side of caution; otherwise, you risk losing all your investment. Many people have been caught by surprise when their local council discovered a carport, shed, or pergola in their backyard which they thought didn’t require approval.

Don’t risk it. Even if you’re renovation seems to be minor, your council may think differently. Here’s a quick guide to achieving quick and painless (relatively!) development approval when renovating in Inner-West Sydney.

Inner West Sydney

Renovation exemptions in Inner West

Low-impact works such as garden sheds, decks, fences, carports and painting a house are exempt from development approval. You can find a comprehensive guide on exempt developments and the standards they must meet here on the NSW government planning website.

Complying developments

Complying developments won’t work with every renovation, but if what you need is straightforward then it’s possible to streamline the approval process.

If the reno meets all the criteria, then a private certifier will be able to sign off on your project. However, the Council will need to get involved with complying developments, such as a home business, a demolition, or a new two-story house to ensure that it meets with Sydney council regulations, but this is more of a formality.

Keep yourself in the loop

Significant renovations will need a lot of coordination between Inner West builders, architects, electricians, plumbers, to name just a few. While it’s entirely possible to be your own project manager on smaller jobs, bigger jobs may require expertise that is beyond your skillset.

However, hiring a building project manager doesn’t mean you should sit back and relax, as it can pay big dividends to keep yourself in the loop.

Inner West Sydney council red tape can often be problematic and create delays you can’t afford. If you stay informed, you will be able to keep your finger on the pulse. When you sense delays or obstructions are afoot, a quick phone call or a meeting with the council could be enough to get the ball rolling again. It certainly beats waiting around for the council to contact you.

Work with Inner West builders, architects and other local trades

Of course, working closely with your Inner West builders and local architects or home designers can help a great deal. As professionals in the field, they have no doubt helped guide many renovators through the DA process related to your suburb.

Extensive renovations are complicated affairs, but attention to detail, and working closely with leading architects and builders will help you navigate the complexities of compliance.

Get help right here with Inner West businesses

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