How to find the right Campbelltown tradies

A leaking toilet or a faulty light bulb can be annoying and a hassle if left unfixed.

Thankfully, you really don’t need to endure or fix your home maintenance problems yourself. Hiring the right tradies can take off the load.

If you’re in Campbelltown, here’s how you can find the right local tradies.

  1. Use Google and local search

Always go local when looking for professionals in your area. With right keywords like “Campbelltown tradies” or “tradies in Campbelltown” you will get relevant results.

Local search also includes using local directories like Tradebusters Connect. These listings often group trade professionals based on their region and category. You don’t need to waste away time just looking for tradies specific to Campbelltown.

  1. Don’t risk it…check qualifications

Campbelltown electricians and plumbers cannot carry out work in NSW without licence, regardless of the value of the job. Ask the tradesperson for a copy of their licence. Just check their licence number online to see if it’s valid or not. You will also see complaints logged against the person if there are any.

  1. Ask locals around Campbelltown for recommendations

Do a survey of who among your family, friends and colleagues did a recent renovation or major home improvement. Personal recommendations give you the guarantee that the tradie has already proven himself or herself at least once and to someone you already know.

  1. Check past projects and portfolio

Unless it’s the tradie’s first time to carry out work, they will most likely have a portfolio of their past projects. Ask for pictures and customer references. You can check the quality of their work based on this.

Looking for a trusted tradie in Campbelltown NSW?

One of the best online sources for finding a local business is of course local directories. Try and see what kind exist around Campbelltown.

Lucky for you, there are directories like Tradebusters Connect that do checks over each and every business they list.

At Tradebusters Connect, we are powering some great honest businesses in your local area. From local tradies to real estate service providers and financial professional, we have you covered.

Their contact details are available here on this website and you are free to contact them directly.

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