How to choose the right flooring

Choosing the right flooring for your new home is a very important task for any given home owner. It is, after all, that part of the house that you, your loved ones and your friends will walk, stand and sit on. Your kids will spill stuff and grow up on them, too.

When choosing the right flooring for your home, always remember that it has to reflect your personal taste, while being practical at the same time.

These days, these are your flooring choices in general:

Concrete flooring

Concrete flooring gives your home an industrial and urban feel. You might think that it is too “cold”, but it does have the ability to take on a polished sheen and colour. A coloured and polished concrete floor can appear really elegant, beautiful and warm. If you’re the type of person who likes things modern and minimalist, concrete flooring is definitely the one for you.

Tile flooring

One of the best things about tile flooring is that they are durable and very easy to clean. They also come in many varieties, each one giving a room a specific feel. Terra cotta tiles, for example, can give your home that Mediterranean flavour. Granite tiles, on the other hand, offer a semblance of luxury. If you’re going for that country feel, slate will be great for that. Aside from the previously mentioned three, your tile options also include ceramic, patterned, marble, plain, and mosaic.

Another great benefit of tile flooring is that it can make your home appear even more spacious, particularly when you use the same type of tiles for the entire place.

Hardwood floors

It’s true that hardwood floors can be a little more expensive in general, but they are certainly worth it. Aside from the fact that they can last for a very long time, hardwood floors are also naturally cozy and warm. They are also easy to clean, and are hypoallergenic. Better yet, hardwood floors certainly boost your home’s resale value, and for good reason. They look absolutely stunning in a home, adding warmth and a sense of elegance to any given room, whether they’re parquetry, floating, solid wood or recycled timber.

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There is no doubt that carpeted floors are the warmest, most comfortable and the most stylish of all types of flooring. They come in a wide variety of designs and colours, making any room look real fabulous. You can match them with a room’s colour schemes, and essentially help create any environment you want for a room.

Carpets, however, come with a number of issues. For one, it is high-maintenance, because a little dirt and mildew could easily make the room dirty and even smell. It is also not ideal for people with allergies, for very obvious reasons.

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