We explain how to find good tradies in Sydney’s Inner West

There is no telling when you need good local tradesmen to help with your property repairs and renovations in Sydney’s Inner West. Should that time come, it is best to know how to find the right professionals.

Here are some helpful tips and questions on finding good tradies in Sydney’s Inner West.

General questions to ask tradies in Sydney’s Inner West

Before evaluating any local tradie, you should check first they are qualified with the correct licenses, insurances and work portfolio. This will narrow down your choices, allowing you to know who has the right experience to suit your needs.

Also check they have an ABN in order to verify you are dealing with a legit business. As for more specific or tradie-related concerns check out each section below.

Finding plumbers in Sydney’s Inner West

Here are some questions to ask your Inner West plumber candidates:

  •  Who is doing the work?

Professional plumbing businesses may come with more than one plumber on the team, depending on the type of project. Ask who will do the work and how long they have been working for them.

  •  Do you clean up after the mess?

The answer may seem obvious but it is best to establish this with the plumbing business you are engaging. Some unfortunately do not clean up after work. Ask if the quote covers clean up.

  •  What happens if something breaks?

Secure a warranty or guarantee from the business to avoid any hassles.

Finding electricians in Sydney’s Inner West

As for electricians, the nature of work can be quite sensitive. Ask them the following questions to narrow down your candidate:

  •  Do you work “live”?

No electrician should ever do work on a circuit if it is live. This is both for your safety and the contractor’s work. A “no live work” policy should tell you whether the electrician cares about safety.

  •  Do you have public liability insurance?

Safety should be the priority of every tradesmen especially electricians being one of the most risky professions. This assures you that there is coverage should any mishap happen.

  •  What is your specialisation?

Electricians could have different areas of expertise: residential, commercial, renovation or maintenance.

Inner West Sydney

Finding builders in Sydney’s Inner West

As for builders, there are also several questions you can ask to make sure you will be working with a reliable professional. Take note of these:

  •  Can I see some of your recent projects in the Inner West?

Very important for any large renovation of home build. Any reputable builder will only be too happy to share with you recent projects in the area and allow you to speak to their clients. And if he isn’t, well.. we say “think twice..”

  •  Do you have any existing (or previous) disputes with NSW Fair Trading?

This will say a lot of the builder and their workmanship levels. You can check this online on the NSW Fair Trading site.

  •  Do you provide services in my area?

Some builders claim they offer services in specific areas but end up hiring subcontractors to do the job. It is best if they know your area and can provide direct services and be easily accessible.

We know the best tradies in the Inner West

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