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It all starts with careful planning

Moving to another home can be extremely stressful. The secret to settling in smoothly is to plan out your schedule and tasks well ahead of time and line yourself up with the right experienced local service providers that can help you through the process.

We came up with the ultimate home moving checklist to help you prepare and enjoy moving!

  1. Four to six weeks before moving day

Check there are no issues with property settlement:

Confirm with your real estate agentlawyer and conveyancer about the property settlement date and any actions needed to be completed before then. This will help you start planning your move schedule.

You should also arrange for a home building inspector to visit your new home. Ask the person to check the property for any problems. You will need to understand if you are moving into a safe property and check there are no major issues that will prevent settlement from occurring.

Prepare a local home removalist service:

Book a reputable home removal company ahead of time. Meet them before-hand to get a quote for the move, understand how items will be handled and if necessary, obtain boxes and other moving materials to start packing. Many companies can provide you with these ahead of time and will take you through the preparation process.

Create an inventory of all your belongings. Check the floor plan of your new home and see how you can fit everything. You should tell the home removal company on any precious items you have to move to ensure they are handled safely.

During this period, you can also dispose of old unwanted items, remove all rubbish from your property or arrange to send any suitable items to local charities. This allows you to move into your new home comfortably and with absolutely no unnecessary clutter. Now, who wouldn’t love that!

Check with your insurance broker about coverage both on your belongings and your new and old property. This ensures that if you break something while moving, you will get corresponding compensation. Your home removal company may also have insurance, but always ask, as you cannot assume you are automatically covered.

  1. Two to three weeks before moving

Notifications of change of address details:

Contact all concerned institutions to notify your change of address. You may have to talk to your accountantbookkeeper or financial planner to manage this and other related matters.

Get the new home ready:

You can schedule home cleaners and a pest control service if needed. If not, find it in your schedule to clean yourself ahead of the move. If the house is in need of any home repairs or renovations, work out the essential jobs you need to do before you move in like painting or changing locks, and schedule the local tradies in.

  1. One week before

Stay calm and ensure everyone is ready:

Re-confirm all details with your lawyer, real estate agent and home removalist. Check if everything is set and settled for the day of your move. Inspect all of your packed belongings. See if you can send some items ahead of the move. This will make things easier.

Plan out how your family will move and settle in. You will not be able to unpack everything on the day. At least have a plan to have the essentials for sleeping, eating and going about your first few days until you can arrange everything well.

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