How to keep your home trendy yet timeless

When it comes to creating a timeless home, seamlessly blending trendiness and timelessness may sound like it’s a tough thing to do, but it’s possible nonetheless. You can actually get on with the latest trendy looks in home décor and yet never lose the timelessness that your home already had in the first place. It’s all about striking a balance between the two.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you want to keep your home trendy yet timeless.

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A timeless home: realise that your tastes could change over time

You may not think so, but your tastes in home design and décor will change over time. Being attracted to different things is part of moving through the various life stages. Income will also be a factor in it, because in the future, you might begin to like things that you couldn’t afford before. The point here is that you should get it out of your head that your tastes will not evolve. One day you’re fine with furniture from IKEA, then a decade you wouldn’t want anything less than “investment furniture”, you know, those pieces that are, more often than not, really expensive.

Comfort before anything else: Trendy stuff for your home

There are people who buy furniture because they look either “timeless” or “trendy”. The question to consider in bringing in trendy stuff for your home should be, is it comfortable? What we’re trying to say here is that we humans are creatures of comfort, and comfort should always be our priority when choosing furniture, regardless of what they look like. In very much the same way we try on clothes and shoes before buying them, we should also sit on chairs, couches and sofas and lie down on beds before deciding whether to buy them or not. A comfortable home will always be trendy AND timeless, and don’t let anybody tell you any different.

Keep your home trendy yet timeless

We keep on throwing the word “timeless” around, but do we know exactly what it means when it comes to our homes? For your home to be called timeless, it should look just fine yesterday, today and tomorrow. In addition, a timeless home should be functional, comfortable, and casual yet has a touch of sophistication. Filling your home with items from years past and more recent years can also make it qualify as a timeless home.

Your colour palette must be flexible

Let’s say that a certain colour (often with made-up names) is the most popular this year, and you’re seeing this colour in homes and all over the internet. Chances are, you are raring to jump on that bandwagon because you wouldn’t want to be left behind. Its popularity, however, is no guarantee that it will remain that popular in, say, six months. For all you know, no one will be talking about that colour in even less time. So before you have your entire home painted in that colour, do a little rethinking first.

Personally, I think it’s best to always start with black and white space. That way, there is always that flexibility for adding or changing colours or incorporating your own favourite colours over time.

Go easy on the animal prints

Animal prints started out as a fad a few years ago, but has surprisingly withstood the test of time. Today, many homes have leopard, zebra, tiger or even giraffe prints enhancing their interiors. However, even when many designers and stylists today consider animal prints to be the “new neutral”, it still would be wise not to overdo it. Animal prints may be proving that they contribute to a timeless home, but too much of the bold prints and patterns can easily turn any home not only not timeless, but also tacky.

Never overspend on trendy stuff for your home

One big mistake many homeowners make when investing in something trendy is that they pay too much for it, then end up regretting that decision when that trendy something becomes passé in just a few months. If you want to be trendy but hate the idea of ending up having something that so easily fades in your home, you should buy a cheaper version of that trendy stuff for your home. That way, it wouldn’t hurt so much when that trendy stuff for your home becomes forgotten in a relatively short span of time.

On the other hand, if you get the chance to buy a classic, statement piece of furniture that you actually like, then snap it up, by all means. Sure, they could cost more, but with the proven timelessness of that piece, any money you spend is actually an investment.

Be yourself

Never lose sight of the fact that your home represents who you are as a person. If a certain trend does not conform to your preferences, tastes or style, don’t make the mistake of buying into it just so you can be in on the “in” thing. When deciding on decor, always go for the one that suits you best. Just remember that you can actually make trendiness and timeliness co-exist inside your home for the most beautiful of results.

Engaging a professional interior designer for help

It may be more affordable than you think to engage the services of a professional interior designer for even just a few hours to help provide design advice and direction to you. In fact, it could be a worthwhile investment, especially if it saves you from making a costly purchase and design mistakes that you may regret later.

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