Planning on removing your trees in Hornsby?

Sydney siders dealing with problem trees on their property should always consider whether they need to get permission from their local council. All Sydney councils have their own rules and regulations when it comes to dealing with pruning foliage or cutting down trees.

However, there are general guidelines for all Sydney-siders which afford residents some power in removing trees without having to ask for permission every time. They are as follows:

  • Minor pruning is permissible (less than 10% in Hornsby)
  • The tree is within 3 metres of a building or residence
  • The tree is dying or already dead
  • Tree branches have grown over the roof line
  • Tree branches are near electrical wiring
  • Tree care and maintenance in Hornsby Council

We had a quick chat with local tree services expert about what residents of Hornsby can and can’t do in regard to tree management. Their best advice is that homeowners should always ask for permission, rather than risk the ire of the local council. Note that what a resident may think is permissible, may not fall within the council regulations.

Trees on private property

Hornsby Council is proud of the local foliage that brings a touch of nature to the urban environment, as well its extensive bushland locations.  Naturally, they are determined to protect the beauty of the area as much as possible.

Trees and vegetation provide many benefits to the local community and help to make the area an appealing place to live, as well as bring in visitors and increase property values. Environmental health is also significantly impacted by trees as they help to protect the soil quality and provide living space, food, and protection for many of the local area’s native wildlife.

Because trees are so important to the community Hornsby Council has set out guidelines based on species, property size, tree size, distance from buildings and residences, etc.

Every resident should take the time to understand the regulations and check the exemptions table listed here:

Trees that appear in the above list will not need permission to be removed, which involves the lodging of an application for tree removal or pruning.

Clearing fire-risk vegetation

Due to more than 1/3 of Hornsby residents living close to bushland, the council works closely with the community to mitigate the risk of bushfire.

Regulations covering vegetation management to reduce the risk of fire is included in the 10/50 vegetation clearing rule and Code of Practice. You can find further details here. []

Tree and development

Developments come with their own set of regulations. When the guidelines protect trees, then protective barriers will be placed around the tree until the work is complete.

Dealing with neighbours

Encroaching plant life often becomes a problem for neighbours. Fortunately, the Trees (Disputes Between Neighbours) Act 2006  covers what you should do when you find yourself in this situation.

Working with a professional tree arborist

By far the best way to deal with trees in any situation is to call up your local professional arborist.

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