Looking to save money on your next water bill?

How do you save nearly 10,000 litres of water a year?

A very simple solution is to make certain that there are no leaks or drips in or around your home. An enormous amount of water is wasted annually by North Sydney residents simply by allowing a small leak to continue dripping.

We consulted with the best plumbers in North Sydney to help educate us about water usage and conservation around the home.

North Sydney plumbing tip 1: Local leaks

Below are some ideas on how to locate a leak within your North Sydney home.

  • Shower heads are prime culprits when it comes to a leak. Dry the shower floor very well and put a paper sack under the shower head. If it is wet when you come back and check it, there is an issue.
  • Outside faucets are another candidate. Do a basic visual check but also look for uncommon patches of greener grass. That could mean that more water is getting to that area, a possible leak from below ground fueling the grass to grow.
  • Leaking toilets are a silent water waster. If you are unsure as to whether your toilet is leaking do a food colour check on it. Put blue or green food colour in the tank and wait 30 minutes, then check in the bowl. If the water is tinted that same colour, there is a leak.

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North Sydney plumbing tip 2: Implement good daily habits to conserve water

Here are a few sure fire ways in which you and your family can contribute to the conservation of water.

  • When you are using the washing machine make certain you have the right load size chosen. Do not run a large load size when you have a small load.
  • When cleaning the driveways at your home consider using a broom instead of a watering hose. Although a hose may be easier, it is not more efficient as far as water conservation is concerned.
  • Watering your garden is necessary, yes. However, water it in the coolest part of the day. This is usually early in the morning or late in the evening. Above all else, do not water on windy days as this will defeat the purpose if the water is evaporating quickly.

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