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If you are planning on buying a home or investment property in Sydney, then carrying out a thorough pre-inspection is one of the most important steps in deciding if it’s the “right” property to buy.

Interestingly enough, we found out that many new home buyers, are still buying a property without conducting a formal pre-inspection. And by not doing this, many are exposing themselves to huge financial risk especially if the property has costly structural issues that need fixing.

If you are going to the trouble to look at a new property, you really need to know what to look out for. This can greatly reduce the time wasted on those “walk-away” homes and help you focus on finding the right property.

Below is a checklist of “what to really look out for” so that you can make the right purchasing decision.

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Property pre-inspection reviews: External walls and roof inspection

  • Timber Cladding –  Make sure there are no visible decays on the timber cladding
  • Inspect the roof –  See if the tiles are cracked, sheets damaged, rusted or the roofline deflected
  • Brickwork/render – Check if there are any cracks or mortar joint damage to repair
  • Windows/Doors – Check for any decay present or units damaged
  • Gutters – See if it is linked to the stormwater or whether it is serviceable and present. Are they present, serviceable and connected to the stormwater?
  • Eaves – Check for damage, mould or noticeable sagging?
  • Fascia – Is there decay, the line distorted or are they missing?

Severe or numerous cracking is generally a sign of movement in the structure and could be caused by foundation. In cases like this it is always better to engage an experienced building inspector to help you formally evaluate the condition of the property.  As for moulds, they are never a good sign and it is best to either move to another property or see if it can be addressed promptly, and to what cost. Consult a pest control specialist to help with this.

And what about the question of obtaining a pre-building inspection report on a apartment unit? Even though a real estate agent may tell you “don’t worry about it”, we believe every new home purchase, including a new apartment off the plan should be inspected.

Often unit purchasers relying on the strata inspection only to find out there are defects on the property that hadn’t been discovered by strata managers at the time of purchase.

Property pre-inspection reviews: Other services to check

A services inspection check is just as important and could detect costly issues around the plumbing and electrical structure of the property. You may need to engage the right professionals to assist with this review.

In terms of what to look out for:

  • Hot water system – Check the manufactures label. Is the unit over 10 years old?
  • Hot water overflow pipe – Is it leaking and connected to a drain?   You may need to talk to a plumber to check the specifications of the  water connections and water flow.
  • Electrical switchboard – Is there a safety switch fitted?
  • Cooking appliances – Do they appear to be working?
  • Dishwasher – Is it connected; water, drainage and power?
  • Water flow – Is the water pressure low at sink, vanity and shower?
  • Water pipes – Is there a banging noise when taps are turned off?
  • Electrical – Is there any exposed wires or connections?  Consult an electrician to see if everything is well installed and of no danger to anyone.
  • Smoke detector – Is the light lit on the unit?
  • Alarm system – Is the control panel displaying warnings or off?
  • Air-conditioner – Check external unit for rust. Is the unit off?  

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