Home safety tips in Sutherland Shire

Home break-ins are increasing across Sydney, including the Sutherland Shire region.

Poorly fitted locks and windows without security screens are nothing if not an invitation to criminals looking for easy pickings. While it’s impossible to make your Sutherland Shire home entirely invulnerable for illegal entry, you can employ various security measure to make it at a lot less inviting as a target.

Here are five security ideas you can use to keep your home and contents more secure and you and your family safe from uninvited guests.

1. High visibility to the front door

Not being seen while engaging in criminal activity could be considered a valuable skill set for successful criminals. If the front yard to your house isn’t visible from the street, then it’s not evident to neighbours that suspicious activity may be going on around your property.

Make sure trees and shrubbery don’t block line of sight to your front entrance. You will also be denying thieves a handy hiding place should they be disturbed.

2. Strategic placement of cameras

Windows on the sides of the houses are a target for thieves wanting to gain entry. They are relatively obscured from view and provide a convenient entry point where thieves can take their time without fear of being seen.

Motion detectors coupled with lights and security cameras will put paid to this strategy. Most thieves will take off as soon as the lights come on, especially if there’s a chance the captured security footage can identify them.

3. Make it look like someone is home

The internet provides homeowners with the ability to monitor their home from afar, any time of the day or night when the right security equipment is installed.

Many security systems come with mobile phone apps that allow you to see what the security cameras see, or turn lights on and off to make it look like someone is home.  Some can even alert you to suspicious activity, giving you time to call the authorities and catch them in the act.

Security systems work best if you advertise that you have one protecting your property. Attach stickers to windows and other prominent areas to alert criminals to the fact that your home isn’t going to be easy pickings.

4. Get protection with security screen doors

Doors with fly screens are suitable for air circulation and keeping the flies out, but only a good quality security screen will prevent unauthorised entry to your home, while also warning all but the most determined criminals that you take security very seriously.

Many security screen doors are strong enough to ward off even the most savage blows or kicks, which means they can also provide excellent protection against home invasion.

5. Secure your windows

Latches on windows are easily beaten, but a Sutherland Shire locksmith can help you install window security that will make it nigh on impossible for intruders to gain entry that way. Security bars are sturdy and come in all types of styles, so you don’t have to worry about your home resembling a prison.

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