Planning a move to Sydney’s Inner West?

Moving to a new home in Sydney’s Inner West is exciting but also stressful. It requires good planning and organisation so that you can settle into your new home as smoothly as possible as well as get yourself integrated in the local inner west community.

We came up with 5 home move planning tips to help you get there.

1.  Packing – think about what you no longer need

Go through all the rooms in your house and decide what you want to take with you or leave behind. You also have to consider the extra insurance coverage or special packaging that some items may require.

Start researching home removalist options in Sydney’s Inner West.

Home Moving

Do not agree to a quote over the phone.  It is best to get the home removalist service out to your property and do an on-site estimate. Then put the estimate in writing. Declare all items you will move and create a checklist.

With all the items you don’t need, plan to dispose of them or give them away to local charities well in advance to avoid any confusion on “move day”.

2.  Check on your moving date

Moving home may come with certain timeframes especially if you are buying and selling in the same period. Hopefully your exit and settlement dates will tie up, otherwise you may be left “homeless” for some weeks. First up, see if you can align the settlement dates.

If not, you may need to make plans to stay with family or friends for an interim period and put your belongings in storage – another extra cost to plan for.

3.   Plan any essential home repair and renovation works before you move in

Will your new home need repairs or renovations? Perhaps the building and inspection report highlighted some items to address? You should decide on what are the most urgent fixes and do them before you move in. Ask an innerwest Sydney electrician or plumber to do a run through of the connections and fixtures to ensure they are sound. Consider the services of a pest control expert to guarantee there are no harmful pests, termites or other insects lurking around before you move in.

If you have plans to paint the house or change the flooring, consider if they can be done before you move all your furniture into the property. It will certainly be less disruptive and save you from having to move furniture around multiple times.

4.  Clean and repair the old house

Plan a major rubbish removal weeks before you exit,  leaving only minor items for the last days. There may also be urgent repairs and maintenance work to address prior to moving out which you should promptly arrange with local innerwest Sydney tradesmen.

5.  Don’t forget about changing over the insurance policy

You have to cancel your insurance in your old place and get a new one for your new home. Talk to an insurance broker about your options. Depending on the conditions, you can either continue your old scheme or get a new one.

Need help with local businesses in Sydney’s Inner West?

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