Top 3 fast growing suburbs to live in the Hawkesbury

If you have ever thought to ask about where the best places to live in Hawkesbury are, you have probably heard Windsor and Windsor Downs receiving the majority vote. However, a survey conducted by Domain (source) reveals a surprising twist, with a number of newer suburbs being awarded a top spot.

Let’s have a look at 3 top areas in the Hawkesbury that may be worth considering if you are planning on buying real estate or moving to the area.

1. Hobartville

Hobartville is a suburb of Richmond and surprisingly was originally a horse stud. It was subdivided in the 1960s with the first houses built in 1969.

Residents of Hobartville appreciate the lack of traffic congestion, lots of open space, and convenient access to shopping. The area also appeals to families as it is close to a Primary School, High School, and early childhood centre.

2. McGraths Hill

McGraths Hill wins the most votes for the most liveable suburb in Windsor. Traffic is light, shopping is good, and there are a variety of options available for dining out. Rail access is adequate while crime, bus access, and culture all receive average scores.

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3. Windsor

It’s not beachside living, but at least you’re still in Sydney when you live in Windsor. Rail access is good, dining out opportunities are in excellent supply, and shopping is pretty good. 

Planning on buying a home in the Hawkesbury? We talk to the local experts

Lee-Anne Cusack is a mortgage broker who is passionate about helping people set up new lives with the best finance options for their circumstances.

Her company, Greater West Finance Pty Ltd, operates in the Penrith, Hawkesbury, and Blue Mountains areas, so she is perfectly located to help you with your finances if you’re thinking of buying in the Hawkesbury area.

We asked Lee-Anne about her best tips for getting a home loan to buy property in the area.

Know how much you can borrow

Lee-Anne says the first item on the agenda is to work out how much you can afford to borrow. When you know the limits to your finance, you can then focus your property search on only those homes in areas you know you can afford.

“If you can only purchase to 600K, there is no point in looking at acreage properties in the Hawkesbury” says Lee-Anne.

Other tips for new home-owners that Lee-Anne explains are worth considering include:

Travel time – If you plan on commuting to work via public transport you will need to be aware of travel time. For instance, says Lee-Anne, “If you are looking at Bilpin, then you will need 45 minutes to drive, park and get to the station.”

Pets – A lot of Lee-Anne’s clients want or have pets. “If you have pets, then you will want to look at fencing.”

Tank water or town water – Lee-Anne also tells us you will want to weigh up the costs of town water versus tank water. “How much will tank water cost, and how big a tank will you need?”.


Selling or Buying a Property in Sydney Australia

Choose your suburb wisely

Once you have an idea about the type of property you want, it’s time to list your favourite suburbs, says Lee-Anne. “Write out what you want and check out recent sales.”

Keep in mind that transport gets spotty when you move west of the North Richmond bridge. “Consider how this will affect you?”

You will also need to consider how close to schools or shops you will need to be, and if you have children, consider if you will need to enrol them in a different school.

About Lee-Anne Cusack from Greater West Finance

Greater West Finance- Hawkesbury Home Loan ExpertLee-Anne Cusack from Greater West Finance has been in the finance industry for 25 years, of which 13 was working in lending for one of the biggest banks in Australia making her perhaps one of the most knowledgeable loan experts near you.

Enthusiastic about bringing financial control to clients, and with a guarantee to “go the extra mile” in making your experience easy and enjoyable, why not contact Lee-Anne for a no-obligation discussion about your goals today? Or visit their beautiful Richmond office?

Click here to see Lee-Anne’s Top 3 Local Business Pick profile.

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