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Are you planning a residential,  commercial building or renovation project in the Eastern Suburbs that will require a development application (DA) with Waverley Council?

One of the biggest concerns for Eastern Suburbs residents is knowing what you can and can’t build on a property and how to get a DA successfully approved.

Firstly, it’s all about having complete information.

Wayne Black Architects - Waverly Council approval

Waverley Council has streamlined the process by providing handy links to sources of information on their website (link). The new system is a welcome addition because the typical DA requires information be provided through many different documents before it can progress.

Waverley Council provides a tool which allows developers and residents to check properties by address. The online tool will deliver results outlining zoning and land use information specific to that area.

In each location, the zoning laws control every design consideration, including the heights of buildings, floor space ration, affordable housing incentives, land reservation, heritage conservation, and protection of trees.

The Waverley Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2012 is the principal environmental planning instrument used by councils to regulate land use and influences planning and development decisions. The Waverley Development Control Plan (DCP) is an extension of the LEP, outlining more specific guidelines and includes instructions on parking, biodiversity, signage, safety, and heritage conservation.

As you can see, development can be wrapped up in quite a bit of red tape and applying for a DA can be a lengthy and time-consuming process. And there is always the risk of non-approval.

And that’s why, secondly, you need to partner with an experienced local architect that knows Waverley Council.

Meet Wayne Black from Wayne Black Architecture

Wayne Black Architects Eastern SuburbsWayne has over 20 years of living and working knowledge of the Eastern Suburbs, which includes extensive dealings with Waverley Council.

This makes him the perfect local expert to help guide residents on how to ensure a successful DA approval with Waverley council.

Tip 1: Don’t use an inexperienced architect

Wayne has seen the unfortunate results when Eastern Suburbs property owners decide to engage an inexperienced architect.

According to Wayne, “People try to save money on the architect, but this strategy often backfires. It can get more expensive! Inexperienced architects miss the crucial local issues which can sideline a development application”.

Wayne stresses that a development project involving Waverley Council will always go smoother with an architect that has (a) good experience and (b) a strong and proven success rate in getting applications approved with Waverley Council.

So, always CHECK and ASK! 

Tip 2: Don’t forget about the many building considerations with Waverley Council

Wayne says you should always check the “allowable usage” of the property.

Each zone will have minimum allotment sizes, floor space ratios, and allowable height.

You may also face design restrictions from site position, escarpment, topography, and orientation.

Wayne Black Architects - Waverly Council approval - Home interior

Wayne further explained that “Sloping or elevated sites, sometimes containing undulating rocky outcrops and unusual site conditions which can present major design challenges. Particularly where the proposed works might have adverse effects on surrounding properties in terms of current views and amenity. The preservation of existing iconic harbour or coastal views and the amenity of surrounding property owners in the Waverley Municipality are both highly sensitive issues. Each respectively are heavily weighted during the assessment process. It is therefore important to understand that whilst the desires of our clients are always at the forefront, we cannot and do not ever guarantee DA consent. Compliance with both sets of policies under LEP (State) and DCP (Local) will give the application the best possible chance of consent success”.

Tip 3: Never ignore your neighbours

And then there are the neighbours to consider. How will the development impact them, such as views, overshadowing, and visual privacy? It’s not something that can be ignored and a good architect should not allow you too.

“The truth is, it’s usually when you least expect it that a neighbour may object to the construction. Objections force everyone back to the drawing board, which adds to the costs of the development.”

Wayne said he’s seen neighbours go to extreme lengths to protect their interests, especially when the development puts views or parkland at risk.

About Wayne Black from Wayne Black Architects

Wayne Black Architects Eastern Suburbs

“An old-school architect that can think outside the box to bring your vision to life” is how many describe Wayne Black.

It’s not that easy to find a 20+ year established local architect that knows the Eastern Suburbs so intimately. Wayne is trusted by leading Sydney builders and developers across the residential and commercial space as a preferred architect of choice. 

And so it’s no surprise Wayne made our list as a Top 3 Local Business Pick.

Click here to see Wayne’s Top 3 Local Business Pick profile.

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