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How to successfully lodge a DA in the Northern Beaches

One of the most important questions you will ask yourself when considering a renovation in the Northern Beaches area is whether you will need a development application (DA) or not.

Your first step is to determine whether the renovation you are proposing will require a DA. Certain jobs may only need a Complying Development Certificate (CDC). A CDC is a rapid approval process requiring minimal intervention from the council.  The reno must be straightforward to qualify as a CDC, as nothing about it can be changed to suit the development.

Some renovations may be exempt from a CDC or DA, but it is highly recommended to work with a builder or architect, as they will be able to help you with the process. A little extra investment at the beginning of the planning stage can go a long way to ensuring a smoother project overall.

Steps to lodging a successful DA in the Northern Beaches

1. Work with a Northern Beaches Surveyor

Employ the services of a registered Northern Beaches surveyor to complete a survey of the land where the renovation will be taking place. The study will consider the levels of the property and account for all the buildings in the area.

2. Engage with building design professionals

The next step is to engage with a design professional to help you plan out the proposal. Planning maps are necessary to locate anything that might constitute a roadblock.

A few of the items your architect or home designer will cover as part of the DA includes land zones, setbacks, and the number of storeys.

3. Prepare a solid checklist

The design proposal is a detailed set of documents, and it’s easy to forget a vital piece of information. Fortunately, your architect or home designer will make a Northern Beaches DA checklist available so you can mark everything off as complete before you lodge your DA. A few of the items you will find on the checklist include:


Statement of Environmental effects – This report discusses how a project will comply with the Council’s Local Environment Plan (LEP) and Development Control Plan (DCP).

Site Plan – Details how a project will relate to the boundaries around the property.

Survey Plan – This plan details relative levels and existing buildings and will need to be completed by a registered surveyor.

Landscape Plan – If the development does not require any external work then this plan is not required.

Swimming Pool Plan – Include any proposals for a swimming pool if one is part of the development.

Erosion and Sediment Control Plan – This plan discusses the strategies your development will use to minimise stormwater drain pollution during the construction phase.

Demolition Plan – Required your development requires anything to be demolished beforehand.

The above are just a few of the documents you will need to include in your report, but it’s essential that you cover everything and this is why you will need professionals to help you lodge a successful application.

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