Are you looking for a Sydney electrician? 

Hiring a “cheap” electrician can get expensive. Unfortunately in the trade industry, cheap services and rates often match poor results.

Engaging the wrong electrician can especially be dangerous considering it is one of the riskiest professions out there.

We spoke to Sydney electricians in our Tradebusters Connect Top 3 Local Business Pick network to find out more about what to watch out for when hiring an electrician. Here is what we found out.

Remember “cheap” is not always best

While you may be looking to save dollars with your electrical jobs, it is imperative to know that this may not always be the best solution for you.

Some electricians in Sydney use low prices to lure innocent clients into hiring them and then deliver substandard work or try and charge them more for “extras” on-site.

The reputation of the electrician and their ability to deliver high quality work should always be a priority. Always find out how they charge and if it is fixed or by the hour.

In terms of knowing the right questions to ask an electrician, we recommend the following:

  • How long have you been in business? The longer the better
  • Can you show me a copy of your license? This is an absolute must-have
  • Can I have a copy of your insurances?
  • Have you got any references? Any clients in the area that I can speak to?

Cheap now could mean more expensive later

If you hire a cheap local electrician who does not have your best interest at heart, you will incur more expenses in fixing the problem in the future.

This is because electrical problems worsen with time if they are not done properly using quality material or if shortcuts are taken. This can damage other electrical applications and appliances in your home and eventually cost you more when repairing the poorly carried out work.

There is also risk of fire and death if any electrical work is not done correctly and to Australian standards.

Again, it always comes down to engaging a reputable electrician who has a great track record and is fair on prices.

Looking for a licensed Sydney electrician?

Tradebusters Connect has a Top 3 Local Business Pick list of recommended licensed Sydney electricians in your local area to help you save time, money and risk. Why not see who made the Top 3 near you?

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